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Grand Plaza Park PDF Print E-mail
 "The enjoyment of scenery employs the mind without fatigue and yet exercises it; tranquilizes it and enlivens it."
 - Frederick Law Olmstead



The Grand Plaza is an oasis in the middle of downtown featuring a fountain, mosaic tile topped tables, an open lawn and an amphitheatre stage with a large chess/checker board design. Game pieces are available for use. Architectural features including original steel supports from the building that formerly occupied the space now form an arbor over the brick walkway. The park is often the site for weddings and community gatherings as well as a focal point for community festivals.


The brick arch is a faithful recreation of the side entrance. The arbor trusses were salvalged from Monitor High, which closed when the schools were intergrated in the sixties. The ornate signposts originally lit the entry to Fitzgerald's first high school which survived 94 years before succumbing to arson. Glass block,neon and ice cream parlor tables evoke the art deco era of the Grand Theatre across the street from the Park, while the fountain maintains the motif of the double-arched second story downtown windows. An original hitching post and granite benches made from Fitzgerald's first curbing further recall the past.

Flowers, trees and greenery, including topiaries depicting Union and Confederate generals shaking hands and the Burmese chickens, signify the rich quality of life for which Fitzgerald is known.



The Grand Plaza is available for private functions.
Jon Durkovic
119 South Main Street
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
(229) 426-5090

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