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Facility Fees

Grand Theatre| Grand Conference Center |Grand Plaza |Carnegie Center

Grand Theatre

Groups charging admission or soliciting and offer.
Priced per performance day.
Groups not charging admission or soliciting and offer.
Priced per performance day.
Rehearsal / Decorating Day $100.00
Security / Damage Deposit - per contract.
Returnable within 5 working days after last usage
providing no damage occurred.









Other fee will be discussed upon contracting the facility and are based upon the individual needs of each contract.

Grand Conference Center

The Fitzgerald room is divisible into 4 spaces. Fees are calculated based on the amount of space required to meet the client's needs.

One individual room $200.00
Each additional portion of the room $100.00
Catering Kitchen $100.00





If the facility is needed the day or evening before anevent for setup and decoration, additional hour charges of $25.00 per hour will apply. This is limited to one day only and is subject to availability.

Grand Plaza

The Grand Plaza may be secured with a $25.00 deposit which is returnable provided the park is cleaned after use. The fee will be retained for our cleaning services.

Jumbo Chess and Checker game pieces are available to use on the amphitheatre stage board and require exchanging a valid ID in the office for the piece locker key.

The Carnegie Center

The Carnegie can accommodate up to 100 people, depending on setup and is available at $200.00.